MUSME’s Virtual Doors

MUSME offers excellent guides!

Along the exhibition itinerary, visitors will knock on big virtual doors opening on human-size screens, where some leading figures of the past introduce themselves and the themes of each room:

Knock knock” and the door opens up on a protagonist of Padua’s past Science who will introduce himself and the crucial themes of the room he is assigned, through an impressive dialogue with a contemporary character.

Room by room, door by door, the story-telling unravels rigorously and playfully, componing the grand tale of Padua’s Medical School.

Room A: Sibilia de’ Cetto and  Giovanni Battista da Monte

Room B: Galileo Galilei

Room C: Andreas Vesalius

Room D: Santorio Santorio

Room E: Giovanni Battista Morgagni

Room F: Prospero Alpini