Useful Informations

The Museum is completely accessible to motor-disabled people
The Museum is completely accessible to strollers and prams
You will find a nursery inside the Museum, equipped with a changing table, a nursing chair, a pacifier sterilizer and a bottle warmer
You will find an (unattended) cloakroom inside the Museum
Every Museum floor is reachable by lift
Each Museum floor has restrooms
It is allowed to take photgraphs and record video inside the Museum
The Museum is translated into english
It is possible to park bycicles in the Museum courtyard
You will find a Book and Gift Shop at the ticket office, with a vast selection of books and other branded items (MUSME Shop)
You will find two vending machines at the ticket office, with coffee, drinks and snacks
Small dogs are allowed in the Museum, as long as well-behaved and on a leash (at the discretion of the Staff)
It is strictly forbidden to consume food or drinks inside the Museum
We kindly ask our visitors to lower the volume of their voices and of their phones while in the Museum