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MUSME places the human body at the centre of a scientific and historical itinerary, unfolding along three floors overlooking the road and the internal cloister.

Along with ancient specimens – provided by the University of Padua, Musei Civici, Azienda Ospedaliera and ULSS16 – you will find interactive showcases, videos and multimedia games, explaining the specimens and illustrating the themes of each room.

Discover below what MUSME’s rooms deal with:

– Two rooms dedicated to the history of the building and the years of the Scientific Revolution:

  • Room A – History of the former Saint Francis the Greater’s Hospital
  • Room B – the University of Padua and the Scientific Revolution of the 16th century

– Four rooms dedicated to the birth and development of modern medical sciences:

  • Room C – Anatomy: How is the Human Body structured?
  • Room D – Physiology: How does the Human Body work?
  • Room E – Pathology: How does the Human Body malfunction?
  • Room F – Therapeutics: How do we treat the Human Body? 
  • A big modern Anatomical Theatre
  • Two rooms for temporary exhibitions

You will see medical instruments and both ancient and modern specimens, even some of anatomical pathology.
Wonderful ancient volumes, usually inaccessible to the public, can be browsed virtually here. Multi-level games teach the correct anatomy of the human body, the medical terminology, the link between pathologies and pathogens while interactive Q&A panels encourage the visitor to reflect upon the themes in terms of both historical-scientific knowledge and their own health.

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