Palazzo della Salute

MUSME is established in a portion of what used to be the former Saint Francis the Greater Hospital and has now become, in its entirety, Palazzo della Salute: the first Italian center dedicated to medical-scientific divulgation and training, where science, technology, history, interaction and emotional communication come together.

Palazzo della Salute srl is MUSME’s management body, following the agreement with MUSME Foundation sealed in 2013.

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Here is the list of companies that contributed to the creation of MUSME:

Multimedia Design

QBGROUP – Padova


Corde Architetti Associati – Venezia

Technical Lighting

Fara Lighting Consulting – Padova


Toka Agency – Roma

Interior Design

Soluzioni – Padova

Multimedial Set-up

QBGROUP – Padova

TargetDue – Padova

Lighting System

Alma fibreottiche  – Padova

Video Productions

Iride Film – Padova

Digital Movie – Padova


Soget-est – Padova


Cooee Italia – Verona

Reproductions and Artefacts

Casalin Dino – Vicenza

Colombo Medaglie – Milano

San Pio X 1708 – Padova

Scalera Arte – Padova

3d Fast – Padova

3B Scientific – Bologna